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Background image

"display.png" image file needs to be placed in app documents folder, if other image than default one needs to be displayed.

IDLE video play:

"timeoutvideo.m4v" video file needs to be in documents folder

Video file will be played after 1 minute of inactivity of roc.Display. roc.Display will be shown again automatically after a message from roc.Kasse will be sent

Am besten ein Video mit dem Quicktime Player öffnen dann Exportieren auf iPhone.

Text position description:

0 - connection status 1 - product name text line 2 - total price text line

displayConfig.plist description

text clor in RGB mode, applied for all lines of text:

              redColorValue          greenColorValue                blueColorValue  

Font type for each line:

              fontLine0              fontLine1              fontLine2 

Font size for each line:

              fontSize0                     fontSize1              fontSize2 

Text field position parameters

CGRect textPosition = CGRectMake(xPos, yPos, width, height); Font position for each line, x,y coordinates:

              xPosition0             xPosition1             xPosition2             yPosition0             yPosition1                yPosition2 

=== Width and height for each font line:

              width0         width1                 width2                 height0                 height1                 height2 

Alignment for each font line:

              alignment0                 alignment1                 alignment2 

Alignment parameters:

  • 0, // Visually left aligned /* !TARGET_OS_IPHONE */
  • 1, // Visually centered
  • 2, // Visually right aligned /* !TARGET_OS_IPHONE */
  • 1, // Visually right aligned
  • 2, // Visually centered
  • 3, // Fully-justified. The last line in a paragraph is natural-aligned.
  • 4, // Indicates the default alignment for script

Name for roc.Display device:

current display name


Session ID label:

session ID should be the same on both Server and Peer !!!


Server name (roc.Kasse server Name):

server name roc.Kasse server name